As the South Okanagan’s largest solar panel dealer, Argon has installed multiple solar systems to homes and businesses throughout the Valley - no one knows solar PV like we do!

Solar PV is a great investment for the future and our environment. AnimatedSolarGif It will help you save on crazy hydro energy bills and protect you against rising fuel prices. A 2.6kW Array is estimated to generate over 3,000kWh per year saving the average residential customer nearly $500! An average 10 panel install is approx $8,000 giving the customer an ROI of 5.6%! That's way better than a GIC!!.

When you have a solar PV system installed at home,it will automatically feed the power you’ve generated to your appliances, so a lot of the power you use during the day will be free. During the night time, or if you use more energy than you produce, your power supply will switch back to the grid. You won’t notice any disruption or change but you WILL notice lower electrical bills and a higher value for your home!

Why Choose Argon?

Argon Solar design, supply and install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for homes and business throughout the South Okanagan, including Rock Creek, Keremeos, Princeton, Osoyoos, Oliver, Penticton, and Summerland.

Over the past several years, we’ve been helping more and more people discover the benefits of generating their own clean energy. As well as installing solar power systems for homeowners we're experienced in working with all sectors, including commercial, agriculture and public sector, and with contractors, architects, planners and community groups.

Free Solar Cell Phone ChargerWe plan and install the best solar panels for each individual customer. With an emphasis on quality design and engineering, an honest, no-pressure approach to sales and an excellent track record for customer service, Argon Solar has built up an excellent reputation in the South Okanagan.

Operating for over 10 years, Argon consistently receives excellent customer feedback and we are especially proud that over half our new customers have been referred to us by a friend or family member.

We look forward to helping you convert your home or business to solar power! Call us today!

What is MicroBlox?

alternative energy south okanagan There’s a new way to put solar to work on a grid-tied house in the South Okanagan! MicroBlox kits are completely self contained AC solar modules. Buy one or ten, start small and build big, these plug and play kits allow for easy system installation and expansion. And if your roof space is limited, or has dormers and valleys, or has slopes facing in different directions MicroBlox kits maximize your solar production. READ MORE...

Backup Packages

SunThe Secure Source Backup Power Systems are designed to keep important loads in your home or business running in the event of a power failure. These fully integrated battery/inverter packages are in a compact industrial cabinet, and pre-wired for fast and easy installation. All of the details like wiring, transfer switching, battery charging, circuit protection and grid monitoring are taken care of within these pre-wired packages. READ MORE...
Solar Panels South Okanagan

Hear What Our Happy Clients Say!

Love Seeing the Electrical Meter Going Backwards!

As most homeowners, we would like to keep our electricity bills down. And knowing that the cost of electricity is going up over the next few years is concerning. So when we saw that Argon Electrical was now selling and installing solar panels we ...

I See the Sun Shining and Know We are Saving Money!

I believe that part of the future energy mix should be solar power. It certainly is within any homeowner's reach to have solar panels installed, or to install them yourself.

After researching Argon Electrical Services of Oliver, ...

I Like Watching my Electric Meter Stop!

I'd recommend Argon Solar anytime. The work you guys did was awesome!  I got the solar panels on Wednesday and by Friday I was tied to the grid and watching my electric meter just about come to a stop! I'm still waiting for my first Fortis bill ...

Solar is the Future

I am very happy that I chose to go with solar panels.  Solar is the thing for the future.  The sun is free and we should use it!  Thanks Argon Solar for doing a great job with our solar panel installation!


Argon Went the Extra Mile


Argon did a professional job and went the extra mile helping with a problem getting the inverter certified. We are very happy and would recommend them to anyone who wants to go solar in the South Okanagan!



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