Solar Panel Grid Tie Packages

Argon Solar Panel Installation Oliver Osoyoos Penticton

Harness the power of the sunny Okanagan! It’s now easier than ever to put a solar panel to work on any home in the South Okanagan that is connected to the electrical utility grid. Argon Solar’s Power House Systems are complete solar systems packages that combine the latest solar modules and the highest quality inverters for complete, reliable and fully compatible rooftop solutions.

Join thousands of Canadians who are harnessing the power of solar!  Choose solar and …

  • you will save money every month on your electrical bills
  • you will increase the value of your home
  • you will reduce your carbon footprint
  • you will help future generations

Easy and Reliable

It’s now easier than ever to put solar to work on any home connected to the electrical utility grid in Rock Creek, Keremeos, Osoyoos, Oliver, Okanagan Falls, Penticton or Summerland!  Argon’s Grid-Tie systems are complete solar packages that combine the latest solar modules with either Fronius, Power One or Enphase inverters for complete, reliable and fully compatible rooftop solutions.

Sleek and Stylish

Argon’s systems include Power House Mounting options. These systems boast fully integrated mounting systems with frame matching mid and end clamps giving an attractive uniform look. The low profile rails fit tight to the roof and are easy to level, creating a very neat tidy appearance.

Built to perform

High efficiency 260W solar panels offer lots of horsepower per area and minimize system size. Argon’s systems optimize array voltages for peak efficiency, delivering the most kilowatt hours from a solar system of nominal size.

Built to last

Argon Solar panels have up to a 25 year warranty and our inverters have 10 – 25 year warranties depending on make and model. Our  Grid-Tie Solutions are designed to last for the long run.

MB-470 | HES-GT-2.3 | HES-GT-5.6 | HES-GT-10.3

reduce your energy bill with grid tie solar packages

*Average production for Canadian Cities. South facing unobstructed roofs

Argon’s GT-Kits Start with Sharp’s 250 modules, (perfect for cold and hot temperatures) and you know that you can trust the Sharp brand name. Perfect for the South Okanagan, these solar kits offer high power density and their black frames help shed snow in winter. All HES systems feature either Fronius, Solar Edge, Power One or Enphase inverters.  Argon can install either outdoors or indoors, and feature a 10 year warranty.




Hear What Our Happy Clients Say!

Love Seeing the Electrical Meter Going Backwards!

As most homeowners, we would like to keep our electricity bills down. And knowing that the cost of electricity is going up over the next few years is concerning. So when we saw that Argon Electrical was now selling and installing solar panels we ...

I See the Sun Shining and Know We are Saving Money!

I believe that part of the future energy mix should be solar power. It certainly is within any homeowner's reach to have solar panels installed, or to install them yourself.

After researching Argon Electrical Services of Oliver, ...

I Like Watching my Electric Meter Stop!

I'd recommend Argon Solar anytime. The work you guys did was awesome!  I got the solar panels on Wednesday and by Friday I was tied to the grid and watching my electric meter just about come to a stop! I'm still waiting for my first Fortis bill ...

Solar is the Future

I am very happy that I chose to go with solar panels.  Solar is the thing for the future.  The sun is free and we should use it!  Thanks Argon Solar for doing a great job with our solar panel installation!


Argon Went the Extra Mile


Argon did a professional job and went the extra mile helping with a problem getting the inverter certified. We are very happy and would recommend them to anyone who wants to go solar in the South Okanagan!



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