Off Grid Solar Packages

Looking for off grid power solutions? The simplest and most reliable way generate power is with solar panels! Put solar to work at your home or cabin is with an Argon off grid solar system!  Argon Solar in Oliver offer clients high quality kits that are designed for fast, easy and fully code compliant installations. With features such as quality BP solar modules, strong solar mounting systems and battery charge protection, you’ll have the very best equipment in an integrated solar power system. Larger packages come complete with DC-AC inverters, allowing full integration with generators and home wiring. Safe, secure and reliable!

If you have an off-grid cabin or house in the South Okanagan that requires alternative energy, count on Argon Solar to give you the perfect solution!


Cottage_Kit_150_-_Off-Grid_Solar_Systems_-_Off-Grid_-_Residential_Solar_Products___Solar_Systems___HES_PV_2The perfect starter system for charging a battery in that backcountry cabin! Provides up to 4.5 amps of current in full sun, and plenty of power for 12V DC lights, a radio and a small pump. Set up is easy: simply secure the  80 watt solar panel to the roof with the adjustable mount provided, run the power cable down to the regulator, connect to the battery, and begin charging.

Features of the Cabin Kit 150 include:

  • Quality 150W, 8.4A  PV solar module.
  • Adjustable roof mount.
  • Solar charge controller with meter display.
  • 25 ft. of #10/2 cable with connectors.
  • Installation manual.


Cottage_Kit_300_-_Off-Grid_Solar_Systems_-_Off-Grid_-_Residential_Solar_Products___Solar_Systems___HES_PVWith 300W and 16.8A of DC charging power, there is plenty of juice for lighting, music, water and other amenities. The Cabin Kit 300 system features a four-stage pwm charge controller and comes complete with two 150W panels, a solar panel mount, cable and installation instructions.

Features of the Cabin Kit 300 include:

  • Two quality 150W, HES PV solar modules for a peak current of 16.8A.
  • Adjustable roof mount.
  • solar charge controller with meter display.
  • 30 ft. of #8/2 cable with connectors.
  • Owners manual.



 Advanced Home Energy Solution 750

Cottage_and_Remote_Home_Solar_Power_System_-_750W_Solar_Array__Magnum_Inverter_and_Installation_Kit___HES_PVThis is our most popular solar power system for off-grid cabins and is a great starter system for remote homes being built in the South Okanagan. The Advanced Home Energy Solution 750, complete solar system, includes a Magnum Sine Wave Inverter to feed clean 120VAC power into your electrical panel. This inverter is powerful enough to run lights, pumps, power tools and with clean power for computers, TV and sensitive electronics. Argon supplies the inverter with the full E-Panel Installation packaged, prewired and ready to be mounted on the wall of your electrical room.

Next, the AHES-750 includes a 750W solar array, using a quality  Solar 250W module. With the strongest warranty and the highest quality of any solar panel in Canada, our solar array will produce from 1 to 2 kWh per day, depending on weather conditions. This is usually enough power for the typical electrical loads found in an off-grid cottage. The system may be expanded by adding more solar modules. Connection is easy and safe.

The AHES-750 comes with an adjustable roof mount for the solar panels. We also offer the option of using a Top-of-Pole or Ground Mount if your cabin roof is not the ideal place for solar.  Add a Surrette Battery Bank and array power cables for a complete system!

The Advanced Home Energy Solution 750 is the system for off-grid cabins and a starter system for full time homes.

Features of the AHES-750 include:

  • 750W Hanwha Solar array – quality, reliable solar panels.
  • Powerhouse VRM adjustable roof mount.
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking – 60A solar charge controller with meter display.
  • 2800W Magnum E-Panel with Pure Sine inverter.
  • Array wiring and combiner box – homerun cable provided by installer.
  • Owners manual.

Options for the AHES-750 include:

  • Add a second 750W Hanwha Solar array at any time.
  • Pole Mount or Ground Mount for the solar panels.
  • Upgrade to a Magnum 4000W, 24V, 120/240VAC inverter.

Ultimate Home Energy Solution 1500

Ultimate_Home_Energy_Solution_1500_-_Off-Grid_Solar_Systems_-_Off-Grid_-_Residential_Solar_Products___Solar_Systems___HES_PVOur Ultimate Home Energy Solution 1500 solar array has lots of charge power and is capable of delivering between 2 and 4 kWh of electricity per day in most situations.

It is wired to an Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controller to maximize the output in all light levels. The 8000W OutBack Radian inverter delivers lots of power for household appliances. This model features clean sine wave power and produces both 120 and 240VAC, allowing things like well pumps to be installed in the system. It also has a powerful 100A/48V battery charger to quickly top up the batteries in winter.

If more power is needed in the future, you can add more solar or a generator. The optional Rolls Surrette Big Red battery bank is a great choice for energy storage. The installation of the UHES-1500 is straight forward and delivered as a kit. All you need to provide is the solar cable! A powerful way to live off-grid!

Features of the Ultimate Home Energy Solution 1500 include:

  • 1500W Hanwha solar array.
  • Powerhouse VRM adjustable roof mount.
  • MPPT solar charge controller with meter display.
  • 8000W OutBack Radian inverter with prewired installation kit.
  • 120/240VAC input and output.
  • Array wiring and combiner box – homerun cable provided by installer.
  • Owners manual.


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