Solar Ready Backup Packages

Keep Your Family Safe and Comfortable

The Secure Source Backup Power Systems are designed to keep important loads in your home or business running in the event of a power failure. Argon Solar in the South Okanagan offer these fully integrated battery/inverter packages, which are in a compact industrial cabinet, and pre-wired for fast and easy installation. All of the details like wiring, transfer switching, battery charging, circuit protection and grid monitoring are taken care of within these pre-wired packages. Simply choose from one of the 4 models.

Backup 4 and 8:

Solar back up power systems Osoyoos Oliver Penticton Summerland

Simple to install, self-contained and pre wired – the Backup 4 and 8 systems are ready to keep pumps, lights, computers, telephone and security systems running if power fails. Completely automatic – works when you are away from home. Two sizes, with 4 and 8 kWh battery storage.

Backup Power South Okanagan



 What will Backup 4 + 8 Systems run?

  • Maximum load between 2800W and 4000W
  • Total load of 4/8 kWh before re-charging
  • Backup for your sump pump, fridge, furnace, or lighting
  • Need more power? Plug in a generator to recharge!


  • Powerful inverters with integrated battery chargers
  • Automatic transfer switching when grid power fails
  • 15A connection for generator feed
  • Maintenance-free batteries

Solar Back Up System Osoyoos Oliver Penticton SummerlandMany homes in Osoyoos, Oliver, Penticton or Summerland want the combination of solar grid-tie and a backup power system. When the sun rises their home uses solar electricity for its power needs. If you need more power than the solar power system can provide then your home draws from the utility once more.

Utility power does fail though. Whether from storms, falling trees or equipment failure, power outages can be inconvenient, scary and costly. In the event of a power outage, the Solar Ready Backup Power System will come to the rescue. With 2500W to 3500W of instantaneous backup power, the Secure Source system keeps essential loads in a house or business running. Loads such as computers, sump pumps, telephone and security systems and lighting are all possible.

Solar Ready Secure Source Systems start with a Grid- Tie backup inverter. Within the enclosures we pre wire an MPPT solar charge controller and add either a 4 or 8 kWh battery bank. Larger inverters and battery banks for greater backup duration are also possible.
When you are ready to add solar power, simply choose from any one of our OnEnergy kits. These packages come complete with Sharp solar panels, OnEnergy roof racking systems, and rooftop wiring. You or your installer supplies the power cable from the roof downwards, and your system is ready to go.

Select your backup system from column A and your array size from column B and voila…you’re now living safe, secure and green!

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